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Course Subject

1.Go to the back-office and click on the option Campus Management - Course and then click on the option Course Subject.

2. Add New : This Button is used for Adding New Course Subject.

3. In Above Application Click on Add New Button then it will displays following image.

4. Fields in this Course Subject Include:

  • Course Code
  • Course Name
  • Duration
  • Course Recongnition
  • Level of education
  • Field of Education
  • Asco
  • Anzsco Id
  • Course type
  • Crisos Code
  • Pre Requisite
  • Status.

5. Once you have completed the Course Subject details, click the Add button as shown below.

6. Click on Add New button.

7. After that select Subject id, Subject Type, Duration, Contact Hours and Course Stage fill the details then click on right symbol.

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