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End Of Day

1. Go to the back-office and click on the option Store Operations and then click on the option End Of Day.

End Of Day:

Store Processing :

2. This Application is used to dispalys the details of Store Processing on entire a Day,It Contains End Of Day Id,Store Id ,Terminal Id ,Date,Opened by ,Store Opening Balance, collection,adjustment,Closing Balance and status.

This button is used for adding End Of Day Opening Denomination.

4.In above application click on OPEN STORE Button then it will displays the following image.

5. This application is used to enter the coins and notes for Opening Balance in the Store.

6. In above application enter the coins and notes what amount we have to need in the store.

7. And the total amount enter in the Opening Balance i.e 0.

8. This application is used for sales the product in the POS so we have to enter the Item code left bottom in the application i.e HDD then click on enter button then it will displays the following image.

9.This application displays the Item code is HDD,Product is pay,Price is 4400 and total is 4400 then click on pay Button then it will displays the following image.

10.This application is used to select the Payment Type to Pay amount using above Payment tabs.

11. To Pay the amount either cash or card or both,so pay through cash i.e 4400.

12. After sale a product with cash or card then we have to need closing the we click on "closing cashdraw" button in above image then it will displays the following image.

13. This application is used for store closing denomination,we have to enter store closing entire amount.

14. The following application shows store closing denomination.

15. In above application first we have to select bank then enter the closing denomination then click on save button.

16. This application shows bank code is "union Bank" and enter the price in the fields i.e opening balance in the store + Product sales amount.

17. In below application Opening balance is 0,sales is 0,collection is 0 so adjustment is 0 and closing balance is 0 i.e opening balance 0 available balance in the counter 0 so total amount in closing balance in the store is 0.

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