Sri Software

Printing Business Documents

Printing in Sri is made possible through our unique print processing engine.

Every business document can be dynamically processed for printing based on the Document type, Document Status, Document Layout code & Location.

Output Formats:

Each document can be configured to be generated in the following formats.

  • Adobe Pdf Format - pdf
  • Web Format - html
  • Text Format - txt
  • Electronic Data Interchange Format - edi
  • XML Format - xml

Output Methods:

Each document can be sent to the destination through the following ways.

  • Printing - Printing directly to a networked printer.
  • Email - Email the document to the recipient by email as an attachment.
  • Fax - Send the email by fax (deprecated)
  • View - Show the invoice on screen to the logged in user.
  • Ftp - Send the document via ftp.

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