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Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup

Sri Enterprise LocalHost Setup

  1. Install Xampp server, set Database and Add Required Data files in the Htdocs/sri folder
  2. Add the database using phpmyadmin with import data so that our both sri_audit.sql and sri_sys.sql should run in local host database

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup1

  1. After adding database and Data files go to the "localhost/sri/" directory

Add Database

And then click the link to set new connect

  1. Then You will get this screen

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup3
Enter the Password as script case… It will ask for the new password then enter new password,

  1. After Updating the password you will get this screen

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup4

  1. Click on Configure Production Environment

After clicking you will get this screen set the time zone, then save it after saving click on logout
Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup5

  1. After logout login again then you will get this screen

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup6

  1. After clicking on the database you will get this screen

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup7

  1. Select MySQL then set the username and password and database and test connection

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup8
After connection success click on save and logout

  1. Do the same procedure (7,8,9 steps) for remaining databases erp_audit, erp_data, erp_po, erp_print, erp_report, erp_sys until no database left

After that go to the http://localhost/sri/
Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup9
You will get a home page click Login

  1. After that enter the login details username as admin and password as test

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup10

  1. After login, you will get your allocated company

Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup11
You will get a allocated company or store
Then go to Back office or POS (Point of sale).

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