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Supplier Catalogue

Step 1: Open the Supplier Catalogue module from menu.

Step 2: Select the Supp Trans Form menu option from SC module then you can see the following screen in browser.

Step 3: From displayed above screen you can add new data by clicking Add New Button or update past data by clicking Save button based on requirements.

The Supp Trans Form menu used to match the column names in supplier file with Supplier Catalogue columns based on bpcode, filename, supfield name, field name.


The following example shows how to match sup field names with supplier catalogue main table.
This following screen you can get from selecting supp trans form menu by clicking Add new button.

In above form contained following field names and how to enter data into the fields.

Field Names Content

Business Partner Code

Enter business partner code who supplies the products to you. Bpcode like: ingram01,express, etc.


Enter file name provided by supplier which contained the details of products filename like: expressprices.csv, PRODSTOK.csv, PRODDETL.csv, etc.


Enter supplier name who supplies the products to you.

Sup Field Name

Enter supplier field name from supplier provided product details file and this Sup Field Name must be related to Field Name of main Supplier Catalogue table like: product_id, itemdescription,weight, etc. For more information see below table.

Field Name

Enter field name from supplier Catalogue table and it must be related above Sup Field Name like: invcode, description, packweight, etc. For more information see below table.


Enter the sequence number of above Field Name from Supplier Catalogue table. Like invcode 1, bpcode 2, ……….., cost 35, etc.

Default Value

This field is for enter the default value instead of printing null or blank data when field does not contain data. Like: N or Not Available, etc.

Sup Catalogue Action

Inv Action

Step 4: After completing the step 3 you can display list of supplier translation fields by selecting the Supp Trans List menu option from SC module then you can see the following screen.

Step 5: Select the Supp Catalouge Form menu it display the following screen

this menu used to enter the data manually into Supplier Catalogue table.

Step 6: Select the Supp Catalogue List menu to display the Supplier Catalogue

data into list format what you were entered in past by manually using Supp Catalogue Form menu option or by uploading file using File Import menu option.

Step 7: Select the Supp Catalogue Config Form menu it displays the following screen.

This Supp Catalogue config From is a configuration form it is linkup with config table used to upload data from supplier file into Supplier Catalogue table in correct format.

Step 8: You can display the supplier catalogue config data list by selecting Supp Catalogue Config List menu then you can see the following screen.

Step 9: Select the File Import menu to upload the supplier file into supplier catalogue table it displays the following screen.

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